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Socratic Philosophical school - S.P.S.

"Best philosophical ideas to educate, consolidate and transform Humanity
into integrated Earth-XXI CITIZENSHIP"
Wisdom and morality improve Humanity

Earth Citizenship education

 Important notice : Our organization don't have a campus - this is only an online educational program which is provided by the World Philosophical Forum.

The name of school has given to honor the great philosopher Socrates by promoting his values of a united world under World citizenship.
"I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world" Socrates 
Exucutive Board

-Director of the Socratic Philosophical school

Dr Stefanos Vogazianos-Roy

- Vice director of the Socratic Philosophical school
- Civil education professor

Dimitris Pollatos

Earth Citizenship certification FAQs

1. Pay the member registration fee through safe Paypal. After payment you will be redirected from Paypal to registration page of this website.
2. Registration. You enter your data in the form and receive directions for your studies.
3. Study the minimum knowledge of the world citizen and when feel ready you give the exams, you can give exams as many times as you want.
4. Accept Earth citizens - xxi commitments and promise to follow all the principles, responsibilities and actions as shown bellow
5. Receive the world citizenship certification at your email.

1. TOP civil status of the Earth-XXI Citizen
2. By showing the Earth-XXI Citizen certificate to buisness and organizations you have more posibilities to get hired because of the high respectful world citizenship
3. Gain extra points for your CV
4. You can claim high positions in international organizations
5. Your name will be listed in the world citizens highest status list published in W.P.F WEBSITE
6. You are part of a worldwide higher coinciousness rise through world citizenship education 

The main idea of World Citizenship certificate is not the profit. The main idea and cause is to create Earth (world) citizens of high consciousness level. World citizens are made to work together in order to save world from ignorance. 

Register as a W.P.F. - Greece member

Socratic Philosophical school - S.P.S.

Earth citizens - xxi commitments. By your registration as an Earth citizen you promise to follow all the principles, responsibilities and actions as bellow


High consciousness

You serve and protect eternal virtues, with strong and good morality. You understand that all people on earh should have equal opportunities to a high quality education system. You are willing to rise your consciousness and be part of a new world with less wars. You believe in solidarity, equality no matter religious beliefs, ethnicity, or race. 



Healthy reflection on what is happening around them and in the world as a whole. They work to protect nature. They accept and agree to ACENDA 2lst century Programme of Action for sustainable Development on Environment - RIO declaration on environment and Development of United Nations. They respect the human rights as they declared United nations, they respect the rights of animals and protect them from brutality and torture.


Earth citizen certificate

The Earth civil status certify that the owners studied the fundamental knowledge of being a person with a consciousness of a citizen of the world and qualifies them for work in all international organizations and state bodies, for activity in politics and economics as in everyday life.

"Best philosophical ideas educate, consolidate and unite humanity"

W.P.F - Greece 


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