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World Philosophical Forum

"Best philosophical ideas to educate, consolidate and transform Humanity
into integrated Earth-XXI CITIZENSHIP"
Wisdom and morality improve Humanity

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World Philosophical Forum

Conceived by the Russian philosopher and its current CEO Dr Igor Kondrashin – the international Gushi prize
Laureate for 2014-and founded as a private initiative in the form of a non-profitable organization by a group of
Greek and Russian academics and intellectuals in Athens ,Greece in late 2009.

The World Philosophical Forum (W.P.F) has by now grown into a world wide Organization that aims primarily at shaping gradually a universal community of citizens imbued by humanitarian as well as ecological principles by means of bridging over all racial, social and religious kinds of prejudice through a globally applied civil as well as philosophical education spearheaded by reason, wisdom and morality.

W.P.F Symposiums aspire and to a good extent have managed to conduct their sessions in a format as similar as possible to that of the ancient Greek and Roman symposia and the debates in their Agoras of those cultures.
In 2017 terminal Athens Symposium was held at the Athens University History Museum at the scenic
municipality of Plaka at the foothills of the Akropolis from 2-5 October with the title “Formation of global authority and administration of major world problems by means of forging global citizenship as a firm guarantee of progress of world societies and cultures” : it registered the auspices and kind support of the Greek and Russian Philosophical Societies, the Universal Society of Philosophy Academics, UNESCO, the Athens municipality ,the Greek Ministry of Culture and many international Higher Education Institutions.

Dr Steven .V. Roy
Executive board member of W.P.F - Greece
Member of the World Academy of Social Sciences 


World Philosophical Phorum is an associator of "Associations for Culture and Development" in Greece - in Greek language. Πολιτιστική δράση των ΕΝ.Π.ΑΝ. - Ενώσεις πολιτισμού και ανάπτυξης. 

W.P.F - Greece 


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