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About World Philosophical Forum - Greece


Executive Board of World Philosophical Forum (Headquarters - Greece)


W.P.F founder and c.e.o

W.P.F headquarters President & CEO, Philosopher, the International GUSI Peace Prize Laureate, WPF Russian National branch Head - Russia.

Dimitris Pollatos

◙ Greece
- President and secretary general of executive board   

Junean He

◙ china
- Advisory commitee member       

Steven Vogazianos Roy

◙ Greece 
- Head of Academic advisory commitee 

Maria Anthi

◙ Greece
- Press Office general manager
- Advisory commitee member,

Paris Katsivelos

◙ Greece
- President of culture advisory commitee 

Prof. Jeffrey Levett

◙ United Kingdom
- President of advisory commitee

George Sarafoglou 

◙ Greece
- Member of advisory commitee - public relations counselor 

Julia Sysalova

◙ Greece
- President of Art advisory commitee

W.P.F - Greece 


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